“Avatar: The Way of Water” finally hits theaters


Maggie Dolan

“Avatar: The Way of Water” shown on the big screen

Avatar: The Way of Water has finally been released thirteen years after the original film. In 2009, the first sci-fi action movie Avatar was released and became a huge success. The movie is about an alien world called Pandora where Na’vi beings live. From Earth, many believe that Pandora is not advanced, but they are actually very evolved.Their world is very poisonous to humans due to the high concentration of carbon dioxide and within four minutes of being in their world without an oxygen mask, people die.

Jake Sully, a paralyzed former marine, adventures out in Pandora as an Avatar, a hybrid Na’vi linked to a human brain. During his time in Pandora, he falls for a Na’vi woman, Neytiri. As he learns the ways of a true Na’vi from her, he is later faced with the challenge to fight the marines who are trying to take control of Pandora. All of the Na’vi’s team up with Jake and fight off the enemy. At the end of the movie, Jake transforms fully into a Na’vi and starts a new life with Neytiri.

According to Wikipedia, after being “adjusted for inflation, Avatar is the second-highest-grossing movie of all time after Gone with the Wind, with a total of more than $3 billion.” The movie earned an eighty-two percent popcorn rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Many had high expectations for Avatar: The Way of Water, and they were not disappointed.

The second movie focuses on Jake Sully and his new family with his wife, Neytiri. Meanwhile, Earth is dying and the marines are still hunting for Jake in Pandora. To protect Jake’s family and the forest, they relocate far away in the Metkayina Reef. Since they have only lived in the forest, his family has to adapt to the new lifestyle in the reef. While learning the way of water, they make new connections with the tribe in order to earn their trust. Through all this they end up having to protect the civilization within the reef from the Marines. The movie is rated PG-13 and involves lots of action.

According to The LA Times, “Avatar: The Way of Water has become the fastest movie of 2022 to cross $1B, just 12 days after the official opening.” It also reached a ninety-two percent popcorn rating from Rotten Tomatoes. The movie needs to make over two billion dollars globally in order to become financially successful. Amina Shoukry, a senior at Bernards who has watched Avatar: The Way of Water, stated that she “would definitely go and see the movie again. In [her] opinion, [Amina] thinks the second Avatar is better than the first!”

There are a couple of unresolved conflicts with the military’s general staying alive that are going to lead to a third and fourth Avatar movie. The third movie is scheduled to be released on December 20th, 2024. With the way audiences have responded to the last two movies in the Avatar series, it is definitely going to be a mandatory watch.