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“Ginny and Georgia” returns for a second season

Ava Highland
An episode of season two of “Ginny and Georgia” on Netflix

On January 5, 2023, season two of Netflix’s highly acclaimed series “Ginny and Georgia” was released.

“Ginny and Georgia” follows the story of single mother Georgia and her daughter Ginny, settling down in a small, wealthy town in Massachusetts after constantly moving around the country, which Ginny feels is her mother’s way of escaping the haunted memories of her past and the many secrets that she keeps from her daughter.

Since the show’s release of the first season on February 24, 2021, fans were eager to see what comes next, as they were left on a major cliffhanger. In the last episode of the first season, Georgia gets engaged to the town mayor, Tom Randolph, who had just been reelected for mayor. Ginny on the other hand, is desperate to find answers about her mother’s past and escape her own drama with friends and romantic interests, so she decides to set out with her younger brother to leave town. Viewers are not quite sure as to where they went, but Ginny was seen putting on her mother’s jacket from her old biker gang called the “Blood Eyes.”

Actresses Antonia Gentry and Brianna Howey, who play Ginny and Georgia on the show, did an interview discussing some of the more sensitive topics seen in the first season and why they are important to carry on throughout the show and are important to certain viewers. Brianna Howey talks on why having mental health issues displayed in the show is so significant for people struggling with these issues to feel that their problems are validated and they aren’t any less for having them,

“Mental health wasn’t really discussed on shows that [Howey] was watching growing so it feels like a privilege to get to be a part of starting these conversations in a more nuanced way and hopefully people can identify with them and find some relief and catharsis in identifying with it.”

The leads also did an interview with Entertainment Tonight, talking more about how the second season begins after the cliffhanger fans were left grasping onto after the first season,

“We pick up right where we left off, only two weeks have passed… the first couple episodes we start a little bit lower, tensions are high, stakes are high, but then as the season goes on… we slip right back into being Ginny and Georgia,” Howey says.

Howey and Gentry describe that at the start of the season, their characters are at odds with each other, which could have been assumed from Ginny’s running away from home at the end of the first season. Gentry describes the characters as being “at opposite ends of a rope and it’s a tug of war”. Though their relationship starts off shakey, Gentry further explains that seeing that dark place the two characters were at was vital in order to display how much their relationship grew and thrived throughout the rest of the season,

“I think that’s what makes the journey of their relationship all the more worthwhile is because [Ginny and Georgia] start at such a place of mistrust and anxiety and fear but then you really do see it evolve and you see them eventually become closer then I think they’ve ever been.”

The actresses finally discuss the end of season two, and said they were shocked when reading the script for the final episode, and were almost angry at it. Gentry states that she thinks the cliffhanger is worse than season one, and Howey states how she actually is grateful for that;

“That’s what [Howey] appreciate[s] about the show, nothing’s wrapped up in a pretty bow, this is reality.”

After the thrilling events and plot twists that filled the first season of the highly praised show, fans were more than ready to sit back and indulge themselves in the new drama and delirium the second season of Netflix’s “Ginny and Georgia” will bring.

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