The Coffee Shop announces its expansion


Matt Lesnik

The Coffee Shop bought out storefront adjacent to pre-existing Coffee Shop. It is now being used as additional dining space

Madison Ferruggia, News Editor

The Coffee Shop in Bernardsville has been a local hotspot for years. Located in Olcott Square, the diner is a popular for Bernardsville residents of all ages. 

Bernardsville’s move to revitalize our downtown area has recently picked up speed; The Coffee Shop included, much of our downtown has started to restore their businesses and expand. The Coffee Shop is located at the very heart of Olcott Square, and is now residing not only in their old location, but is expanding into the unit to the left of their original location. 

The Coffee Shop’s owner, Andreas Avgoustis, explains that the expansion is due to their popularity and that the current building can not support the rush of people. Avgoustis explains, “on the weekends there are lines out the door,” and due to this, most of his midweek customers don’t make appearances at the restaurant on the weekends. 

Construction stated on October 1st, and the Coffee Shop is hopeful that it will be completed by Christmas. Avgoustis tells that no changes to the opening hours will occur. The business has remained open through the entirety of the construction process, closing for only a few days. 

According to Avgoustis, the current capacity of the restaurant is 49. This will raise by 68 people, totaling 117 as the maximum capacity. The seating for the restaurant is also expanding, allowing more customers to enjoy the restaurant at once. 

The Coffee Shop already gets raving reviews from all customers, and the expansion of the restaurant is going to bring vast improvements to the business. Spencer Sorge ‘25 worked at The Coffee Shop over the summer, saying that “The Coffee Shop is a valuable asset to the town, and it serves the community well, with good relationships between the restaurant and all of it’s customers.”

The Coffee Shop is well loved, and a fan favorite. Town residents can not wait for it’s expansion.