Shopping locally more important than ever this holiday season


Meghan Shelley

The exterior of local book store The Bookworm in Bernardsville

As the holidays draw near, we once again see the annual global uptick in consumerism that comes every December. As the years have gone on, online shopping and expedited shipping has made this process easier for those who are busy this holiday season, but large corporations such as Amazon continue to be detrimental to local economies.

In addition to the recent conversations surrounding the unsuitable working conditions of most large corporations, the public has also begun to acknowledge the lack of sustainability these companies promote. The mass production of every type of product leads to an incredible amount of waste, and the money lining the pockets of billionaire CEO’s pockets is often a result of these unethical practices.

Instead of contributing to this cyclical dilemma this holiday season, consider exploring your own communities’ local businesses. Not only are these local shops generally more sustainable, but they provide a personal touch that popular conglomerates can not.

In Bernardsville, there are a multitude of destinations that can provide the perfect gifts for all those you are shopping for. From the cozy Bookworm bookstore, to the glamorous Rebecca Collection gift shop, the most meaningful, personal, or sentimental gifts can be purchased right here in town.

One employee of the Bookworm, Vera, states, “Buying local is always important to the vibrancy of small towns. It is your local stores who support the activities of the town from schools to libraries and downtown events.”

It is important to keep in mind that now more than ever these small businesses need our support. With more and more consumers turning to large corporations, as well as the landscape for many businesses such as bookstores changing with technological advancements such as the kindle, these local stores have struggled.

Vera adds, “The way people read has changed over the years. Being able to download books and order from online sellers has challenged independent bookstores.”

The Bookworm has been a staple in Bernardsville for thirty-seven consecutive years, sharing their passion for reading and encouraging young people to explore this hobby. Vera states, “we truly love coming to work and seeing our young customers grow up and bring their children to The Bookworm.”

This personal connection can not be replicated at just any Barnes and Noble or Amazon factory, it is a direct result of the passion that goes into establishing and running a small business.

So this year, when running out for last minute holiday gifts, remember shopping locally can provide the personal touch that your loved ones will truly appreciate the most. In the season of giving, consider giving back to your local community by supporting small businesses right here in Bernardsville.