The celebration of Christmas has lost much of the religious significance


Jane Holmes

Two children under a Christmas tree surrounded by presents on Christmas morning

Christmas celebrations and traditions have been excessively modified from the original holiday. Christmas is intended to be a religious Christian holiday, but recent events have altered the commemoration into something much different. Modern times have converted Christmas into something that hardly resembles the original holiday. If people choose to commemorate Christmas, they should recognize what it is that they are celebrating and the importance it holds for so many people.

Christmas is supposed to be a day to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ, for the majority of celebrators but now, it is instead used as an excuse to give or get presents and throw parties. Some Christians do not celebrate this holiday with the significance it holds, which is a substantial loss of tradition and religion. Christmas can still be an enjoyable festivity, but should be brought back to the holiday’s roots, especially in Christian households.

The first recorded celebration of Christmas was December 25, AD 336. Though the Bible does not mention the date of birth of Jesus, Christians use the 25 of December to celebrate the anniversary. The popular children’s figure Santa Claus or St. Nicholas originated in the fourth century and was named after a popular Christian saint, Nicholas. Known for his kindness and generosity, the philanthropist became the subject of many legends revolving around a man, Santa Claus, who portrayed the qualities of Nicholas.

The Christmas tree has significance to the religious event, or rather the branches that symbolize immortality. The Christmas tree was first introduced to the holiday in the 16th century by devoted Christians in Germany who were known to be the first to bring the decorated trees into their homes. A Christmas tree can now be found in more than 95 million American households, but numerous people are not educated on why they are doing this; they are simply following the trend.

Much of what is seen of Christmas presently revolves around shopping and decorating. Though many celebrate this holiday with family and friends, it is not in the same respect as originally intended. Many people do not know what it is they are celebrating or do not religiously celebrate this holiday. Though it is important to their theology, many Christians celebrate the modern version of the holiday which has little to no relevance to their religion. More people should be educated on Christmas because individuals should acknowledge what it is they are commemorating.

Christmas is known to be the most celebrated holiday worldwide, but it is disreputable that most don’t recognize this event for the significance it holds in Christianity. Though Christmas is an adequate holiday, celebrators should still acknowledge the event and the importance of it. Christmas is a sufficient holiday in many ways. Individuals feel inspired to give back to the community and this holiday gives families the chance to reconnect. The point being is that even though Christmas is an enjoyable holiday, people should still appreciate this date for the significance it holds to so many people and their religion.