Teachers reign in holiday spirit through their door decorating tradition.


Sydney Kaul

Mrs. O’Brien and students worked together to decorate her door with a wordle theme for the holidays.

As the holiday season rapidly approaches us, festivities, traditions, and celebrations are starting to take place. These holiday festivities can take place anywhere– in the center of towns, within households, and even in schools. At Bernards High School, one of the seasonal festivities is the door decoration contest.

The door decoration contest is a contest that allows teachers and other staff members to decorate their doors however they like, but in a holiday-themed manner. The teacher that started this contest is Mrs. O’Brien. The English teacher and a yearbook advisor says, “I set up the contest to help spread cheer in the school, to make the school look more festive, and to bring smiles to the students’ faces.”

Students are also excited that this contest has been set up. Benjamin Costales, a freshman at Bernards High School, says, “I think this contest is really cool. Not only does it give teachers and faculty something fun to look forward to, but it also helps spread positivity around the school. The holidays are nearing and now is a great time for festivities to begin.”

The contest is working in more ways than one, spreading positivity and spirit throughout the entire school, as well as giving participants some friendly competition. There are currently twenty four teachers participating in the contest, however, more are expected to join in as time passes. The judges of the contest are the STARS students. They will determine the winner based on their liking, judging the decorations’ levels of creativity and festivity..

Teachers and other staff members are given a total of 16 days to think about how they are going to decorate their classroom door. Taking place from December 1st to December 16th, the proper amount of time that has been given will allow participants to think of a decorating idea, gather all supplies that are necessary, and decorate their door. Considering weekends and days off, there is a full five-day school week to decorate.

Everyone knows that high school can be very difficult and stressful. Fun festivities like this one can make a student’s day, boost a student’s attitude, and be a fun activity for teachers as well. This door decoration contest brings great joy to not only participants and other teachers/staff members, but to students as well.