There should be more Black Friday sales


Example of Black Friday sales available on Amazon this weekend

With the holiday season quickly approaching, there are early Black Friday deals available for most consumer goods that people desperately want to get their hands on. For instance, clothing, toys, automobiles, and electronics. However, on a worldwide scale, there should be even more sales and discounts on close to everything. This includes subscriptions, travel tickets, vacation rentals, and luxury items.

By increasing the number of Black Friday sales, more customers will be attracted to the stores which will overall, increase business. For instance, TV, magazine, and streaming subscriptions are very important to some. For example, if you own a Peloton bike, the daily riding instructors require a subscription to get the daily exercises from their program and training. Although the membership is only $13 each month, that price is just an addition to the $1400 indoor bike.

Magazine subscriptions are also extremely expensive. For instance, baking and cooking magazines can be up to $35 a month. This is for the hard copy, printed version of the magazine which is what is easiest when cooking something on the spot. Although the people who are really into these activities will pay for these fares, with Black Friday deals, the companies lowered the price for a certain amount of time, more people might buy the product.

Finally, transportation services such as airline services, Uber services, and AirBnB homeowners should all have a limited time deal off of the final cost for travel stays and airfares. This will make it so that people who never thought of buying a plane ticket to take a vacation, spend some money for a discounted ticket. Although companies may lose a bit of money, most people don’t want to pay close to $7.00 in gas each time they go out to the grocery store.

In conclusion, if most companies would have more deals for Black Friday, more people would buy from the because of this price reduction.