How the sports world responded to the UVA tragedy

The university of Virginia Cavaliers logo which represents a grieving community

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

The university of Virginia Cavaliers logo which represents a grieving community

Ari Rosen, Sports Editor

In wake of the recent tragedy at Virginia University where three football players were shot and killed, the country went to lean on sports as it typically does during difficult times. On Tuesday November 15th, three UVA football players Devin Chandler who was seen as not only a good football player but a great kid who loved to smile, sing and dance. Lavel Davis Jr “Big smile, lights up the room, and most people would say because he’s the tallest guy in the room but just his presence, he’s got a gentleness about him, but he’s passionate about what he believes in,” UVA football coach Tony Elliot said, and De’sean Perry “He was a loving, giving, caring, God-fearing young man who was full of life and potential, and who made his family proud,” the coach said. “His positive impact was not only felt by our family, but also by the several communities that genuinely loved D’Sean, and that he was blessed to be a member of.”

The players were shot and killed upon returning from a field trip. The sports community as a whole was heavily affected by this and came together to show their support for UVA. Teams from across the country ranging across all leagues stepped up. Different teams put decals of the numbers of the players on the backs of their helmets. Virginia Tech showed their support by wearing orange uniforms, while Liberty wore navy blue uniforms. The University of Virginia canceled their football game scheduled for last Saturday against Coastal Carolina as well as canceling the last game of the season against Virginia Tech. James Franklin, the Penn State Football Coach, and his thoughts on the tragedy “As a father & coach, I am heartbroken by the news in Charlottesville. My thoughts & prayers are with Coach Elliott, UVA Football & the entire UVA community.” Christopher Darnel Jones Jr, Has been charged with three counts of second degree murder for his disgusting acts.