Football celebrates senior players on Senior Night


Ari Rosen

Captain Enzo Britez on the Olcott field during Senior Night

Ari Rosen, Sports Editor

October 21st, a big day for not only the football team, but the entire town as we honor our seniors who have dedicated the past four years to the program. Bernards has 10 seniors this year playing football. The captains included Linebacker Kai Dallimore, running back/defensive back Nicky Kouflie, Wide receiver/cornerback Enzo Britez and offensive lineman Gabe Mckinaly. These captains are leaving a huge mark on the team as proof that dedication and hard work goes a long way. The other seniors include Wide receiver Aidan Laverty, Wide receiver Tommy Hanraty, Offensive/Defensive Linemen Jake Ballard, Offensive/ Defensive lineman Pablo Britez.

All of the seniors will be accompanied by family members as they walk to the fifty yard line on the “B” to have their names announced. As exciting as the day is for everyone it comes with some downside, as it is their last home game on olcott field. Captain Enzo Britez was quoted saying “It’s a sad but exciting day. It’s going to be one of the last times the seniors get to play at Olcott, but it’s always a fine day because we get to celebrate our time here on the football team at Bernards.” Bernards (7-1) winners of their last six, takes on Governor Livingston coming in as heavy favorites. Governor Livingston is 4-4 on the year. 

The excitement was well brought up as Bernards ended up winning in classic style for senior night 42-0, making it the sixth shutout of the year moving them to 8-1 on the year. Everyone got to contribute on all levels making it a fun environment for the entire team.

It will end up being this senior class’s last home game on olcott as they hit the road to face Ramsey in the first round of the playoffs. The senior class left an impressive mark on this team thirty two and seven overall record, eighteen and two at Olcott field, three time division champions, and two time mountain valley bowl champions. This senior class’s legacy will be remembered for all the hard work and dedication they put towards this program.