The 2022 College Fair At Ridge High school


Matt Lesnik

Ridge High School hosts annual College Fair for Ridge and Bernards students

Matt Lesnik, Editor-In-Chief

The College Fair at Ridge High School returned on October 13th, its first in-person showing since 2019. The fair is jointly-run by Bernards High School and Ridge High School, and 119 colleges and universities had representatives present. The College Fair presents an opportunity for students from both schools to learn more information about colleges they are already interested in or potentially find new schools that could be the perfect fit for them. 


Students from BHS and RHS were invited to attend the event in a letter sent out to students. In the letter, Mrs. Smith, Ridge’s Secretary for the Director of School Counseling, said “Traditionally, over 95% of our graduates attend competitive colleges and universities nationwide. The combined enrollment of our two high schools is approximately 2,700 students with an average of 650 graduates each year. The College Fair will provide an excellent opportunity for you to discuss your institution and its admissions process and standards with a very large and competitive student/parent population.”


The fair allowed students to learn more about schools they will potentially be applying to. Colleges gave rundowns and general information about them, allowing the student to gauge interest in the school, and for the school to gauge interest in the student. They would have the student fill out a form with their personal information, allowing the two sides to stay in touch.


With many students already having a busy schedule between classes, sports, and filling out college applications as is, the event adds convenience to an already stressful process, making it just a little easier.


Senior Gabe McKinlay said “I feel like I was able to see colleges I would not normally think of or be able to get to, especially with a hectic schedule with sports. It was a good way to see schools that fit what I wanted and liked.” McKinlay also said “just by going up to any university shows you have some interest. . .  creating an interest on both sides.”


Both high schools have been working together to help make the process easier. On October 12th, the schools held a joint “Financial Aid Night” on Zoom. The event helped explain the financial aid process to students and families hoping to learn more. There was also a “College Panel Night” on October 17th. Presented by College Wise, representatives from Dartmouth, Dickinson, and Rutgers made appearances to discuss the latest with their admissions processes.


With many students approaching their first deadlines, the administrations of both districts are doing whatever they can to help with the admissions process. Meeting with an in-person representative allows for more engagement between the school and the student, allowing the student to learn more about the school, and the school to learn more about the student. The college fair is a great opportunity for students to learn more about a school that they otherwise might not be able to, and an opportunity for them to find their potential alma mater.