Football mid-way update and home game themes


Richard Mariani

The Bernards Student Section during the neon out on August 26th

Ari Rosen, Sports Editor


Bernards Football is back in full swing! With the season upon us, comes new and exciting themes for the home games. Your Mountaineers are 4-1 with exciting wins over Overbrook, South River, Vorhees, and Del val. The one loss coming in a close game against Hillside.

With football season back in the picture means Friday night lights which also means new and exciting themes for everyone. In the first home game of the season, Bernards hosted Overbrook. The first theme of the season  was neon out, which was a new and exciting theme. All students showed up in bright and colorful clothing making it an exciting scene for everyone. Even the players got in on it, as multiple players could be seen wearing bright green arm and leg sleeves.

The following Friday Bernards played host to their rivals hillside. After a little hiccup, the theme was decided as Hawaiian. Not the first choice but no issue for the Bernards fans as everyone adjusted to the new theme with great delight. The turnaround theme ended up being a success. All the fans enjoyed themselves and had a great time.

The Mountaineers will have three remaining home games left on the season (not including playoffs). On September 30th,​​ The Mountaineers host North Plainfield. The theme of this game is black out. After not having a home game for three weeks fans will be eager to pack the stands and show support for this one.

Two weeks later on October 14th, New Providence comes to town to take on the Mountaineers for everyone’s favorite theme of the year, pink out. The annual tradition during October for the football team. Bernards shows support for breast cancer awareness by wearing their special pink uniforms. This theme is always exciting  and raises awareness at the same time. To end the year, Bernards takes on Governor Livingston on October 21st. Another tradition coming on senior night is the infamous “Red sea”, or red out.