Netflix upgrades its streaming plans and prices


Risa Rivetti

Netflix’s opening welcome page when streaming service is first opened

Risa Rivetti

The internationally admired subscription streaming service and production company, Netflix, has been raising prices across all of its plans in the US. Before it’s climb in charges, Netflix has been pronounced to be providing its subscribers a one-month “heads up” regarding its controversial alterations. However, the expenses will vary depending on the subscription type. 

The premium plan owners are receiving an increase from “$17.99 to $19.99 per month,” according to the website, “9To5Mac.” Customers on the standard plan will be seeing their prices escalate from $13.99 to $14.49, and the basic plan prices will be rising from $8.99 to $9.99. The premium plan entails 4k streaming, the standard plan consists of two simultaneous screens as well as HD streaming, and the basic plan includes watching on only one screen. 

The soaring price ranges that have suddenly been introduced to Netflixs’ many subscribers is in hopes of financial stability for the future of this company. Although Netflix may appear to make a proficient amount of money in its present condition, adding more money has been proven as a quandary for this company. Therefore, “making price hikes [is] an obvious answer for how [Netflix] can make more money,” declares “The Verge.” 

Aside from the constant need to grow the economic standpoint for each company, Netflix has also been combating the other acclaimed TV streaming companies. These businesses include HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and so forth. 

With the intention of acquiring the latest developments of society, most individual corporations have made an effort to heighten their prices. They are seen to be “spending big on content to keep up,” pronounced “The Verge.”

Netflix has additionally been experimenting with a new option that permits its users to securely share their password with customers outside of their home, however, it comes with an additional cost. This emerging advancement will enable Netflix the addition of “subsidiary accounts for up to two people they don’t live with,” discloses “Variety.” 

The company’s launch of this new addition will take place in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru. Eventually, Netflix may expand this improvement onward, however currently, the price changes are only present in these three countries. In Peru, the cost has mounted to 7.9 PEN, the price for Costa Rica has risen to $2.99 USD, and the charge for Chile has escalated to 2380 CLP,  according to “9To5Mac.”

Netflix has broadcasted that members “may be prompted to verify their account only if a device outside of their household logs in to the account,” mentions “9To5Mac.” Amongst those three countries, Netflix will release a notification to the subscribers that share accounts outlying their household. The user receiving this alert will be obliged to send a verification to authenticate the login. 

Netflix further comments that “[they’ll] be working to understand the utility of these two features for members in these three countries before making changes anywhere else in the world.” Although this new disputable addition may be unfavorable for most, according to “9To5Mac,” Netflix has also supplied followers “one nice change to go along with this crackdown on password sharing.” This reassuring remark involves allowing recipients to transfer user profiles to new accounts. This indicates that a member will obtain the ability to share their profiles data, such as My List and watch history, to the person not in their household, who shares a password with them. 

While the upbringing of these provocative improvements may implement altercations, Netflix has intended for its users to accept their modifications, as it is formed to industrially aid the company.