New town podcast promotes small businesses


Alexa Paterno, Features Editor

As the COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected people, but businesses in Bernardsville too, there have been drastically affected companies as a result of the pandemic.Now, these small businesses need to find a way to promote their businesses. Many small business owners use their companies as a way to provide for their families, but after months of little to no income, they are in desperate need of business. Luckily for these business owners, Bernardsville has a new show called ‘The Radio Tavern Podcast’ which is dedicated to promoting small businesses around town.

‘The Radio Tavern Podcast’ is a new addition to the town of Bernardsville. All sessions are filmed in downtown Bernardsville at King Willy Studios and episodes are run by host Jerry Rizzo. The Radio Tavern is committed to promoting awareness of the growth and development of the community through digital media marketing and storytelling.

The podcast is a DMO (destination marketing organization), with the goal of promoting Bernardsville to increase the number of visitors. Despite only starting the podcast a few months ago, the show has already helped small businesses. For example, Excel Fitness Center located on Morristown Rd was one of the businesses promoted by Radio Tavern.

Mark Neilan, the owner/founder of this business expressed his likings after his time on the podcast. Neilan said that, “[You] can see and feel [Rizzos] excitement for the Bernardsville community and how much he wants all of us to succeed. I cannot thank him enough for the help he has given myself and my company.”

Jerry Rizzo and the rest of his team have done a fantastic job of promoting the town of Bernardsville and small businesses in the area. ‘The Radio Tavern Podcast’ looks to continue to be effective in promoting Bernardsville and its businesses.