Snapchat excites users with its recent announcement


Bailey Olson

snapchat option to change username

Bailey Olson , Staff Writer

Starting on February 23rd, 2022, Snapchat allowed all users to be able to change their username on the app. Changing the username also wouldn’t change any other important account details, just the username. 

Snapchat states “Username changes were one of the most highly requested features”. Ever since 2011 when snapchat first came out, account holders have been begging to change their username. Snapchat is now one of the most popular platforms for messaging for teens, and as it grows, it’s features are also always developing and changing as the app evolves. Developers are always working and researching ways to develop the app to make it more what people want, and this update will make a lot of people happy. This update was first released in only Australia in January 2022, but has now expanded globally. 

Most  account holders probably created their snapchat accounts years back, when they first downloaded the app. Because users created these accounts when they were young, their usernames were probably something account holders didn’t know they would be stuck with for years. Now you will be able to leave behind your old usernames without having to create an entire new account. This is a great update, but you still will only be able to change it once a year. 

This update was released over time, starting all the way back in December when snapchat first recognized users’ requests for this feature. They responded December 21st to multiple requests, and then it was released in other countries later. In early February, it was released to China and Canada, and then continued to be gradually released until February 23rd, when it became available for American users. 

To change your username, tap the bitmoji icon and go to your profile. Go to the settings, then just tap your username and press change. It’s that simple. Before typing in your username, you will be reminded you can only change it once per year. 

Teens everywhere are thankful to  Snapchat for this update, because everybody, no matter your age, gets tired of old things. Your username is probably outdated, or you are honestly just sick of it and would prefer a different or new one. For a long time users could only edit/change our display name, but in order for people to find us they would still have to type in our username. Now, users can have an easier time finding friends and maybe for some less awkward/embarrassing experience. 

A snapchat spokesperson states, “As an app built around ephemerality, we know that people grow and change – we certainly have over the last ten years – and couldn’t be more excited to bring this top requested feature to Snapchatters.” Snapchat is enthusiastic about their new release, as they know how pleased all the users will be after requesting this for years. Snapchat recognized that people change, and they want you to also be able to expand and change. Also they recognized that most accounts that were created several years ago were likely young teens, and people have matured since making their username.