BHS theater program presents “Little Shop of Horrors”


The “Little Shop Of Horrors” cast performs their finale song

On March 4, 2022, the BHS Theater program returned for a production of, “Little Shop of Horrors.” The opening performance was followed by three additional shows; Two on Saturday March 5, and the final showing on Sunday March 6.

Anna Rekatas ‘23 explained that “the musical is all about ambition and power, with important messages about poverty and domestic abuse.”

Georgia Kissel ‘25 added on, “I think that this musical is about the road to success, and learning who you can trust, before they do something bad to you or your loved ones.”

Not only did the cast, crew, and band work hard to put on an incredible show, but it could not have been done with the help from the amazing staff members. mr. harvey returned to BHS to direct the show, with assistance from Mr. Ciocco. Additionally, Ms. P (Choreographer), Mr. LaPine (Music Director), Mr. Trumpy (Orchestra Director), Dr. Ferrara (Tech).

Playing the leading role of Seymour Krelborn was Corin DeStefano ‘23. DeStefano explained how much he enjoyed “Getting to be back in theater, and hearing [his] own voice/line delivery and actually being satisfied with how it sounds.”

Leading the musical alongside DeStefano was Annie Kaczynski ‘23 as Audrey, Tommy Ferguson ‘22 as Orin Scrivello, and Lexi Frenda ‘23 as Mrs. Mushnik. Frenda explained how much she has enjoyed “getting to bond with all the members of the cast.” She continued, “community is one of the most important parts of theater to [her].”

The incredible depiction of Audrey II was played by both Arden Addeo ‘25 and Teenie Flood ‘22; Adeo as the the voice of Audrey ll, and Flood as the plant puppeteer. The Audrey ll plant was designed and created by Jess Mauceri. Additional costumes were put together in the combined effort of both Mauceri and Maggie Paul ‘22.

Playing the Downtown Expressions was, Georgia Kissel ‘25, Anna Rekatas ‘23, Abby Sebastian ‘25, Sarah Maqueda ‘23, Nina Robles ‘23, Kaley Welsh ‘25, Maddie Bozack ‘24, Gabby DeNicola ‘24, and Hope Kacynski ‘23.

Sebastian expressed her love for the theater program, “The people are so talented and kind, it’s an amazing community to be a part of.”

The people of Skid Row included, Evan Seker ‘24 (Wino), Nathan Brown ‘25 (Interested Customer/Skip Snip), Arden Addeo ‘25 (Interviewer), Matt Cutler ‘23 (Bernstein), Gabby Provini ‘23 (Mrs. Luce), Tommy Ferguson ‘22 (Patrick Martin), and Samantha Meyer ‘22 (Ensemble).

Behind the scenes of the production was the stage manager, Max Bozack ‘24 and associate stage manager, Aiden Kinsey ‘25; Along with Bozack and Kinsey, the hard working crew included, Addison Dunn ‘24, Alex Wadsworth ‘24, Grace Connell ‘23, Eva Russo ‘24, Kathleen Bonanno ‘25, Abby Medina ‘24 and Ava Highland ‘24.

Kinsey discussed his takeaway of the musical, “Little Shop of Horrors is a classic of contemporary comedic theater. It immerses us in a world so similar to our own, albeit with a few slight differences that soon grow apparent.”

The show would not have been the same without the live music played from the pit. The incredibly talented band/orchestra members encompassed, Nikita Chellani ‘22, Katherine Adams ‘22, Sarah Squadrito ‘23, Anna Damaretoski ‘23, Mary Tropp ‘24, Ivey Mistele ‘23, Requal Dickinson ‘23, Louis Allen ‘23, Julian Lenci ‘25, Kalea Rivera ‘22, Ian Ochab ‘24, Mai Ahmed ‘22, Matthew Oliveria ‘24, Mark Mcgee, Mr. Snyder and Mr. Kaplan.

To create the set of both inside the flower shop and on the streets of Skid Row was Mr Ellis, Liam Annette ‘23, David Dyka ‘23 and Tyler Helpinstill ‘23.

The cast and crew agreed that one of the best parts of the BHS theater program is the warm and incredibly friendly environment. Kaley Welsh ‘25 noted, “The people in the cast/crew are the best people to be around, they create such a welcoming and loving environment that everyone should be able to have.” Maddie Bozack ‘24 added how much she enjoys “The little moments backstage or during rehearsal. There are some core memories made in little inside jokes or moments when everyone is doubled over laughing. It’s really special.”

As the cast and crew discussed their favorite parts of the show, Annie Kaczynski said, “ironically, my favorite scene is probably my death scene… I feel like the vulnerability that comes from being on the brink of death allows me to express different sides of my character.”

While the seniors will now depart from the BHS Theater Program, they each leave a long-lasting legacy, and an impact on the rest of the cast/crew. In tribute to senior Tommy Ferguson, Kinsey explained, “I personally think Tommy Ferguson does an outstanding job as Dr. Orin Scrivello, DDS. Thanks to him for my newfound fear of the dentist… He is highly capable of “method acting” i.e. living in the shoes of the character he is playing which leads to an incredibly convincing performance.”

After two months of hardwork from the cast, crew, band, and teachers were thrilled to put on their production of “Little Shop of Horrors,” receiving large crowds and high praise.