BHS highlights Autism Awareness Month


Mrs. Snyder

Mrs. Snyder and Iniya Saravanan ’25 create blue autism awareness t-shirts for national awareness day

Sydney Kaul, Editor-in-Chief

The month of April is Autism Awareness Month. Throughout April, extra light is shined on the autistic community, and awareness of their struggles, unique capabilities, and overall strength is highlighted. 

Freshman English teacher, Mrs. Snyder, who has an autistic child, Evan, dedicated her time to do something extra special this year. She was extremely inspired by not only her son to spread awareness, but also the autistic STARRs students that she adores so deeply as well as other students that may be autistic.

Mrs. Snyder said, “I think it’s so important to just show that we recognize and appreciate that they are different, and those differences are what makes us, this community, so great.”

It is a time to make those that feel different or alone, to be appreciated,  understood, accepted, and most importantly loved. 

 With the help of Iniya Saravanan ’25,  Mrs. Snyder created blue autism awareness t-shirts, as blue is the official representative color of autism. The shirts are being sold at $15 each, and all of the money is being donated to Autism New Jersey, a nonprofit that assists autisms and their families. 

Mrs. Snyder chose this specific organization to donate to because it’s a charity close to home, and she shares, “it’s nice knowing this organization more personally, and knowing that they are directly contributing to your own community.”

To continue bringing awareness to the autistic community, the high school will have an official “blue out” day on Monday, April 4th. Students and faculty are encouraged to wear their blue autism awareness t-shirts, or for those that did not purchase one, a plain blue shirt. By doing so, Mrs. Snyder hopes to show solidarity to our peers with autism.