Fashion trends of 2022 so far and predictions


Bailey Olson, Staff Writer

Fashion is always changing, and always works in cycles. Tastes are always switching and generations are always looking back at former fashion trends, while also developing new ones. In 2022, we often tend to follow trends around us, and what our peers are doing. Every morning when you wake up- you contemplate what clothing item you wish to wear that day. All the clothes sitting in your closet came from somewhere- shopping. But how did you pick these items out? How did you decide what color pants to buy and what style shirt you liked? Well, all these choices lead back to the fashion trends.  

Fashion trends often tend to divide by generation, for example we see Millennials still wearing skinny jeans and Gen Z beginning to wear flare yoga pants and low waisted pants. Not only is fashion about the clothes you wear, but also your choice of shoes and jewelry. Currently, we see Y2K fashion making a strong comeback in 2022. Fashion trends are always controversial, and there are always people that agree or disagree. In 2019 we saw the “Vsco-girl” phase. This was one of the trendiest styles during the summer of 2019 and everyone raved about it. Looking back at this “style” I think we can all agree that it was definitely not it. We saw brands like Brandy melville, Hydroflask, Birkenstocks, Pura vida, and many more. states “ ‘VSCO girls” are the latest subculture to arise from apps such as TikTok and Instagram, where millennials and Gen Zers are often heavily influenced by one another.” Clearly, our fashion trends now are heavily influenced by our peers and Social-media influencers.  Thankfully, gen-z has moved on to bigger, better things in 2022. 

While lockdown had a big influence on fashion trends at the time, now as we begin to get out of houses we see a big change in the way we are dressing. We are happy to see the work-from-home outfits being left in 2020, as we begin to expand and express ourselves more throughout our clothing we wear. Let’s look at current trends and current trend predictions for the 2022 spring-summer season. First, as I mentioned previously we can see Y2K making a dominant comeback. This includes pieces like colorful crop tops, flared jeans/yoga pants, low-rise bottoms, and colorful sunglasses and bags to accessorize. Just like VSCO girls, this trend will quickly die and we will be looking at the next trend in the 2023 fashion season. For a more dressy/professional approach, we see blazers also making a strong comeback into the fashion world. Not only black and navy blue blazers, but bright colors to match your outfit too. We see examples of this on the Vogue runway, in colors like yellow and orange. Will this last?

As fashion is always changing/developing, teens see it very important to keep up with the latest trends in order to “fit-in” or look like all your peers. Your clothing and outfits are one of the best ways to express yourself and your creativity. Next time you go shopping, think “Do I really like this- or am I buying this to fit in with the crowd?”