Wrestling team starts strong season in tournament


On Saturday, December 18th, the boys wrestling team here at Bernards met for their match of the 2021-22 season. Just like many other sports this year of the Bernard’s High School community, the wrestling team will be returning to a more normal environment, as compared to last year’s season, where many students and outside faculty members couldn’t go to the matches because of covid. With a better and more normal season this year, it seems like the wrestling team is off to a great start this season.
As big as the sport is here at Bernards, last year many fans weren’t allowed to show support at matches unless they were outside and people were heavily socially distant. Because of the outbreaks of Covid last year, it was hard for wrestling to have a full on normal season without the pandemic getting in the way. Although it is hard to see the future with the pandemic at hand, the school has given the team a chance to wrestle normally with masks as well as for fans to come and support the team.
The wrestling team’s first match at Irvington Highschool for the Invitational Christmas tournament of 2021 was on December 18th. In this tournament, there was a field of ten different teams, with our team coming in 1st place for the whole tournament. Individual 1st place finishers by weight class were Sean Hunnewell, Jake Caldwell, and Pablo Britez. Second place finishers were Charlie Hunnewell, Mitch Dakin, Tyler Austin, David Brothers, and Brady Walsh and the third place finisher was Alex Fragassi. Also, as of December 20th, the wrestling team had a match at home against North Plainfield, in which they won against them 54-24. With Dave Brothers as leading head coach, the wrestling team will continue to soar through the season with a potential great record just like the years prior.
COVID-19 guidelines and regulations are similar to those of last year. Likewise, masks are still required for the team as well as social distancing for the bleachers as well, but athletes will not have to fill out the daily covid form as all students had to do last year for sports. Although many athletes feel as though that their wrestling season is still not fully 100% back to normal, especially with the covid cases, it is important and essential to look at the positives of the situation and how the team is getting the most out of their season then they have in a long time. As this season continues to unfold as more matches come up, the wrestling team will continue to adapt through the pandemic and will continue to set a good record for Bernards highschool wrestling.