NBA Games Postponed


Matt Mariani, Editor-In-Chief

Although many of us thought the Coronavirus was slowing down, that is not the case in the NBA. Many players have had to enter covid protocol, which has led to games being canceled and new rules about signing replacement players to make up for the out players. CBS Sports reports over 80 players have been sidelined due to getting the virus or being in close contact. 


So far 7 games have been postponed ranging from December 14 to the 21st. The Chicago Bulls have been hit hard by the protocols with around 10 players being sidelined. Because of this, their game on the 14th against the Detroit Pistons was postponed, as well as their game on the 16th against the Raptors. Shooting Guard Zach Lavine highlights the COVID report as he will be out until he passes the protocol. 10 days in protocol, until 2 PCR tests come back negative in 24 hours. 


The Brooklyn Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers have taken hits from COVID. The Nets placed 10 players in the protocol and the Cavs 8. Point Guard for the Nets, Kyrie Irving, recently returned to play away games, but he needs to pass 5 consecutive days of negative tests to play. The Cavs COVID issues have postponed a game against the Atlanta Hawks on the 19th. The Cavs are without many players including Center Jarrett Allen and rookie forward Evan Mobley.  


With all the players being sidelined with covid protocol, this could affect the Christmas day games. The 10 teams playing on Christmas have been told the game times could get moved, but no cancellations have happened. League commissioner, Adam Silver does not intend on pausing the season stating, “The virus will not be eradicated, and we’re going to have to learn to live with it.” It will be interesting to see what happens down the line, if COVID continues to be a problem around the Association.