Students wish modifications to their senior privileges


A big change and motivation for seniors this year is their senior privilege opportunities. Students are permitted to leave during lunch blocks, walk to town to get food and come back. However, there have been disagreements between students and administrators on leaving during lunch, like using your car or sitting in it to eat food. As the colder months approach, more students are likely to stay at school and eat, but some say that sitting in their car or changing the rules slightly may help that.

Senior Ashley Levine is not a big fan of the rules against sitting in your car during lunch: “Well personally, I think we should be able to eat in our cars because there’s not always room in the cafeteria and now that it’s becoming winter it’s too cold to get to town. It’s going to start snowing soon which will make it even harder to walk through the trenches of that big hill. I also like to listen to music in my car.” Ashley emphasizes it would be smarter since it would open up more room in the cafeteria and gym during lunch periods.

Senior Natalie Meyers expresses that “sitting in our cars isn’t as bad as it’s made out to seem” and that “we still want to execute our senior privilege and get a break from the building so sitting in our cars is the only way to do so.” Multiple students have indicated that they don’t think simply sitting in your car for lunch is a bad thing. Administrators have voiced their concern by explaining that they don’t want students to leave the parking lot if they are permitted to sit in their car.

Other students wish that cars should be permitted to be used, not just sat in, during lunch. Francesca Cohen believes that you should be allowed to use a car since it “gives [students] time to be alone with [their] friends and to drive to get food.” It would create more space in the school during lunch so “having the car as an option would make things easier.”

Dr. Neigel defends his reasoning for why these rules are set: “[students] are not properly supervised and are not in the public view.”

Although many students are not happy with the rules, walking to town during lunch is still very popular and as of right now, these regulations remain in place.