Media Center reopens for after school use


Photo via Miss Dolson

View of the Media Center

After having almost no use in the 2020-2021 school year, the media center will now be open for use after school.

Dr. Neigel says that in previous years, it was “typically a quiet area for students to study or collaborate on projects. Clubs meet in there from time to time, but usually it is a small group of students working on school work.” Now with minimal differences, this opportunity is open for students.

Rather than reopening immediately at the start of the school year, Dr Neigel explained that administrators “were waiting to see how the school year started and whether [they] felt opening the space after school was necessary and safe. At this point, [they] feel that it is.”

Dr. Neigel says the benefits of the media center’s hours after school are giving students “an area to study after the school day has ended. This is particularly important during the winter athletics season, when some students are waiting for their sports practices to start in the evening.”

On the subject of disadvantages, “as long as students follow the guidelines, [Dr. Neigel does] not see any issues.”

This opportunity for students will remain similar to previous years, with the only differences being mask requirements, three feet of social distance and eating will not be permitted.

As for supervision, “there are teachers/staff members who are paid to supervise the space. Administrators are still present in the building after school hours if there is a problem,” Dr. Neigel explained.

Four of BHS’s staff members have volunteered to supervise after school, and seen students effectively using their time. In particular, Mrs. Hart explained that she “was so grateful to see students taking the time to collaborate with each other. The pandemic has made [people] more comfortable with working virtually, but it’s super refreshing to see students carving out time to share space and complete their work. It makes things feel much more normal to see study buddy groups!”

Regarding the procedures for supervising, Mrs. Snyder clarified that, “just like during school, [she] makes sure Covid precautions are in place: masks on correctly, only four people to a quiet study room, etc. [she] also ensures that students are abiding by school rules and maintaining a respectful, quiet atmosphere. At 5:00, [she] is sure to turn off lights and electronics and send students on their way!”

After being open for a couple of weeks, the supervising teachers have run into issues only involving students eating. Aside from that, Ms. Dolson added “I’m grateful for the chance to get to know students a bit better. I learn who is on the fencing team, or the marching band, etc., whose practices don’t start until later.”