Lakers Pistons Altercation

Lakers Pistons Altercation

Matt Mariani, Editor-In-Chief

On Sunday, November 21, the Lakers took on the Pistons in Detroit, coming away with a 121-116 win. A few minutes into the third quarter, Jerami Grant hit a foul shot, leading to a physical box out between LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart. During the box out LeBron is put into an awkward position and ends up elbowing Stewart in the face. At first LeBron seems apologetic, until Stewart gets into his face causing a brawl between the teams. Many of the coaches and players from the Piston’s bench come onto the floor in an attempt to hold Stewart back from charging at LeBron, which seems to work at first until they let up a little thinking the fight is over. Stewart then gets through and sprints at LeBron, breaking through people like a football player. While this is all happening, Stewart has blood all on the right side of his face, from the shot he took from LeBron. 


According to Lebron’s teammate, Anthony Davis, after LeBron hit Stewart he said, ““My bad. I didn’t try to do it.”” Although Davis is supposed to defend LeBron, the elbow did seem somewhat intentional. Because of the altercation, LeBron received a 1 game suspension and Stewart received a 2 game suspension. Which seems fair considering each player’s roles in the fight. 


Supposedly after the game, LeBron attempted to get Stewart’s phone number to apologize and explain that it was accidental. Now we don’t know if he was able to, but non the less showed LeBron cared and wanted to make up with Stewart. 


““Everyone in the league knows ‘Bron isn’t dirty…It wasn’t on purpose.” Anthony Davis again backs up LeBron, reminding the fans he isn’t a dirty player and reassuring us that it was accidental. 


On Sunday, November 28, the two teams will play each other again, now in Los Angeles. This game will be interesting to see how the players interact, especially LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart.