“Winter Break” coming to you soon


The young actors and actresses of Bernards High School have returned for the 2021 Fall Play. This year’s show is Winter Break, by Joe Calacro. Maddie Bozack, playing a leading role of Brett, describes the show as, “a coming of age story including kids dealing with breakups, loss, finding themselves, and everything high schoolers go through.” She adds, “it was written for high schoolers to perform, which is pretty cool because not many plays are.” Winter Break being the play choice for the returning season allows viewers to relate to what they are seeing on stage; As it is filled with experiences and issues that they currently undergo.

The show will open on November 19th, and will run through the 21st. Until then, the cast meets “every Friday and Saturday and [picks] an hour block on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. During rehearsals [they] start by running the show and then break off into [their] scenes and practice that way.”

The play also gives the director, as well as the cast, an opportunity to explore their imagination. Joe Calacro, leaves almost total creative freedom when performing his play; From things like casting to set pieces and staging, there is no right or wrong. Calacro writes, “I tried to write a play that avoids portraying teenagers as… stereotypes… that would allow young actors to just be truthful.”

Winter Break consists of nineteen gender neutral roles ranging from grades nine to twelve. Eva Russo, playing the role of Ty, says, “​​I resonate a lot with the character, it.. feels like I’m almost playing myself.” Ty’s character description is “a junior and a great friend.” Eva explains that they feel a similarity between them and their character because Ty was not given much of an explanation; Allowing Eva to build their own character and let their imagination run its course.

On a final note, Eva Russo adds, “I adore the cast, the director, and the entire process. I love working with everyone- I think the cast really makes this show what it is.” After last year’s play being performed virtually, the cast is eager to finally perform in front of a live audience again; In addition to the cast, the rest of the student body is excitedly awaiting the upcoming performance.