Fall Fashion Trends


First, people need to understand the meaning, and feeling, behind the color brown. When one sees the color brown, their subconscious immediately omits this warm, calm feeling. This specific feeling comes from the earthiness of the color brown. Brown is usually associated with resilience, dependability, security, and safety. Psychologists also implied that brown was, “feeling of warmth, comfort, and security. Brown is often described as natural, down to earth.” It has been approximately forty years since brown has made a large appearance in the fashion industry, but needless to say, Laurie Pressman, from Pantone Color Institute, has informed the New York fashion week audience of this year’s colors for New York Fashion Week Autumn/September-2021. The color palettes that will be walking the runway are as follows: Mykonos Blue, Illuminating, Leprechaun, Fuchsia Fedora, Pale Rosette, Adobe (Red Brown), Fire Whirl, Rhodonite, Spring Lake, and Root Beer (Brown).

We’ve seen many trendy outfits with the color brown this year alone already. The shoe industry itself has come out with mocha color sneakers for many. We’ve seen these trends on tik-tok, school fashion, and all over malls where most color clothing is brown in Hollister, Forever 21, Garage, and Pacsun.

After the hard and unquestionable year we’ve recently had, brown has proven to be the chosen color of comfort and security this fall season. According to Shira Tarlo from Vox, wearing colors such as purple, pink or scandalous lively colors wouldn’t feel right at the moment, with all the uncertainties and continued fear and pain going around the world. Brown, in a way, has united many of us worldwide. A color that everyone has hidden in their closet, whether as large as a T-Shirt, sweater, sweat pants, shorts etc… or as small as a brown hair scrunchie – Brown is a color we’ve unconsciously adopted in an unspoken way to feel safe in the world we are living in today.