New coach for varsity girl’s soccer team brings in positive change


After an unprecedented past two years that canceled and modified sports’ seasons, athletes and fans are excited for a return to normalcy. For the BHS girl’s varsity soccer team, this excitement stems from new beginnings. Leading this team is new head coach, Mr. Derek Boudreau, who has thus far led his team to multiple wins including notable wins against Gill St. Bernard’s and Mount St. Mary’s.

Prior to this team, Boudreau had a considerable amount of soccer experience. He played both club and high school soccer as a teenager and continued with a club team through college. For the past two years, Boudreau was an assistant for the Mountaineers. This year, he was both qualified and excited for the opportunity of a head position. When interviewed, Boudreau said, “I did not take on this challenge for the money, for my own kids, or because I have some void that needs to be filled by wins and attention. I took this job because I want to do absolutely everything in my power for these girls to just be happy on and off the field.”

Selfless and committed, Boudreau aims to make the 2021 season both successful and educational for his players. His goal is to lead his team to conference and state sectional titles but highlights that the lessons his team learns through the process are much more valuable than titles. He states that the varsity girls “are developing as individuals first, a collective group second, and soccer players third.”

In talking with Mr. Boudreau, it is evident that he values teamwork and unity. He emphasizes that his team is “not 50 separate players in one program, [they’re] a collective group that has to stick together in good times and bad.” He’s determined to create meaningful connections and a sense of community amongst his players.

Being the youngest team in the conference and losing numerous seniors last year, Boudreau was nervous for the season. However, after numerous wins, his team has proved that he has nothing to worry about. As the season proceeds, Boudreau will continue to commit himself to improve the skills of his players both on and off the field. He aims “to get 1% better every day.” Whether this 1% involves footwork in soccer, or resilience through adversity, Boudreau’s team is sure to benefit from his coaching.

In the end, Boudreau comments that “Bernards High is not a soccer development factory, [it] is a people development factory that will continue to build up empowered young women.” With Boudreau’s love and commitment to his team, good things are in store for the players this year!