How Bernards Student’s Celebrated Mothers Day


Sarah Iossa, Writer

As the second Mother’s Day of the COVID-19 pandemic has arrived, families everywhere were on the fence about how careful they should be when conducting in-person gatherings. With 3.5 million individuals fully vaccinated and 4.8 million with their first dose in New Jersey (USA Facts), people have eased up on the precautions taken during gatherings. 

To gain insight on how BHS students were celebrating Mother’s Day, we conducted a survey covering numerous topics. 95 percent of respondents reported celebrating over a meal, with 50 percent saying it was outdoors and the remaining 45 percent being indoors. A few months ago, gathering indoors would seem like a very distasteful choice, but with the progression of the vaccines, it is possible. According to the CDC, “You can gather indoors with fully vaccinated people without wearing a mask or staying 6 feet apart.” 85 percent of respondents reported that most/all of the attendees were fully vaccinated. 

Despite these very difficult times, it is still as, if not more, important as ever to show our Mothers the appreciation that they deserve. Of the survey respondents, 100 percent said they were still celebrating Mother’s Day, and rightfully so. As long as it can be done safely and within the current guidelines for COVID-19, Mothers everywhere should feel appreciated for all of their hard work and efforts to raise such amazing people.