Popular Vlogger David Dobrik and Friends Receive Backlash


Sarah Iossa, Staff Writer

In November of 2018, social media star David Dobrik uploaded a video to his Youtube channel that would cost him his career two-and-a-half years into the future. 

Hannah and her college friends appeared in a “vlog” one night, along with David and his friends. One of his friends, Durte Dom, appeared in this video, attempting to engage in sexual activity with five of these girls, Hannah included. While the edited and cut video was published to the internet within a few days, Hannah remained silent about the true series of events. 

At the time, David Dobrik was nearing 10-million subscribers, with Hannah being oblivious to the amount of popularity Dobrik truly had. Dobrik and his friends refer to themselves as the “Vlog Squad,” as they all produce video-blog content for their channels. Durte Dom (Dom Ziglaitis) is an infamous member of the Vlog Squad with his character in the vlogs being an exaggerated flirt. 

The video has since been taken down from Dobrik’s channel, but there are still copies of the video surfacing with the girls’ faces blurred out. For confidentiality, the name Hannah is a pseudonym to refer to the girl who has come forward with these sexual assault allegations.

It is also rumored that some Vlog Squad members purchased alcoholic beverages for the underage college students, but these members have denied these claims. These girls were severely under the influence when the situation took place, disregarding any physical and verbal consent given at the time but also raising the question of if Vlog Squad is responsible for the illegal consumption of alcohol by the underage students. 

David Dobrik has since uploaded an apology video on his alternate account titled Let’s Talk, but disabled comments on the video making the “conversation” rather one-sided. After receiving backlash for this, he followed up with another video on his main channel titled as the date, 3/22/21. He addressed a larger portion of the controversy and enabled comments, but many speculate that this was a move pushed on Dobrik by his defense team. One public comment from user mar reads “Dom doesn’t need to apologize, he needs to go in jail. It’s a (crime) not a youtube drama.”