Students offer suggestions for covid safe prom


Kelsey Walsh, Staff Writer

Nothing this year looks normal. However, Bernards High School is still trying to give this school year some sense of normically for the senior class to make their last year of high school memorable. Despite junior prom being canceled last year for the class of 2021, the school is trying to give them a prom this year. This year’s junior prom has been officially canceled, but an email was sent out to seniors and the senior families saying that the search for a prom venue is still up and running.

A survey was sent out to seniors asking if they would go to prom, and if they had any ideas of certain safety precautions that would be able to make prom go more smoothly and safely. For the first question of “would you come to prom?” 80% of responses said yes, and 20% of responses said no, it’s not for them. Next, “What safety precautions do you think should be put in place in order to have a safe (but somewhat normal) senior prom?” was asked. The anonymous responses consisted of “outside events, masks,” “larger venu,” “outside environment,” “maybe have the same restrictions as a restaurant where we bring our masks but at the same time keep our distance but get to take it them off at some time,” and a few other responses that had the idea of using a fever gun.

Sierra Emery, a senior class officer, and Rai Bindra, the senior class president were both interviewed to see what senior prom may look like, what safety precautions will be put in place. “As we’ve seen from last year, anything is possible to be cancelled sadly. However, we are working hard in trying to make sure that prom “cancels” proof in a way. We started planning prom back in October/November and Mrs. Cerza has been working especially hard on trying to make sure it happens.” Emery says. In order to avoid prom being canceled, “Safety precautions will involve a location that will be outside. Other than that, we are trying to make this year’s prom as normal as possible,” Bindra said.

Although the juniors in Bernards High School will not have a prom, things are looking up for the seniors, as it seems like there is most likely going to be a prom. The student council is working very hard on making this prom look “normal” for all of the class of 2021, but yet covid safe at the same time. Evidently, having this prom will be bringing some sense of normalcy to the seniors of Bernards High School.