How Astrologers Say Mercury Retrograde Will Affect Us


Meghan Shelley, Entertainment Editor

Has something about life felt off, seemingly inexplicably? Whether you’ve been unmotivated, struggling with work or personal life, astrologers seem to have a reasoning for a collective slump we all may be feeling right now. The first Mercury retrograde of 2021 lasted from January 30th to February 21, with a shadow period lasting two weeks both before and after the retrograde. Meaning, the effects will still be felt, albeit a bit less, throughout the coming weeks. But what does it truly mean for Mercury to be in retrograde? Simply put, it happens when from our perspective on Earth, it appears that Mercury is moving backwards. Although this is a physical optical illusion, astrologers have theorized the impact it has on humanity. Some astrologers, such as Helen Frost, suggest that its effect depends on how a person is able to channel the energy of the retrograde. While some people may be left feeling unmotivated, lethargic, or withdrawn, others may experience chaotic feelings of restlessness or even anxiety. However, this also signifies a time that will bring to light previous issues in one’s life and begin to purge them. Mercury in retrograde can be a scary concept, but it is important to remember Frost’s ideology of the impact of personal reaction. While right now may be a bit difficult, or simply just different, the end of Mercury in retrograde is now, and that means the present is a time for personal improvement and to let go of the past. By the time the post-shadow phase ends on March 13th, you should see many positive changes. Overall, this is a hopeful time, and by purging the necessary muck of life, we should collectively move forward into a better reality. So, if you feel so inclined, use these next couple weeks to patch up olds wounds, clean out your closet, apologize to someone, reflect, and release. Be kind to yourself, and know that things will only get better from here.