How the Fall Play Will Look During the Pandemic


Naomi Taylor

Ava Highland, Entertainment Editor, Staff Writer

During a typical school year the fall play at BHS would consist of singing, dancing, costumes, set pieces, and of course acting. However, this is not a typical school year. So, in addition to this unusual year, BHS will have its first ever all virtual play. 

This year the cast of 16 will be performing ¨Let Me Down Easy,” a play that has been created with 21 monologues discussing ¨the miracle of human resilience through the lens of the national debate on healthcare.¨ When surveyed, the actors/actresses expressed how they enjoyed the play itself as well as how it is fitting for the current pandemic. One actor in particular, Micheal Tropp, said ¨I love the play- I think it really resonates with the pandemic and everything surrounding it that is going on in the world right now. It is a criticism on the American healthcare system, something that is definitely a current issue so it is really cool to be able to talk about that through the format of a play.¨

Being his first time directing a play at BHS, Mr. Harvey said that he is ¨in a new space that’s not mine so i haven’t had the chance to spend time with the students/actors¨ and this has been the ¨greatest challenge¨. The current situation has created many new challenges and experiences; Nobel Avellino, said that ¨It’s a fun, challenging experience! It is very likely that a virtual play like this will never happen again after Covid, and so we have to appreciate the uniqueness of our situation.¨

During a typical rehearsal, the actors and actresses would gather for a group rehearsal. However, this opportunity is no longer available. Instead, rehearsals are individual with Mr. Harvey via zoom. Thomas Ferguson said, “Rehearsals have been much more productive than I initially thought, I thought it would be similar to pulling teeth but ended up as an experience I’ll never forget.” Naomi Taylor, similarly to Thomas, believes that there were certainly benefits to the individual rehearsals. ¨They’ve been really helpful in my growth since they’ve been one-on-one with Mr. Harvey, so we all get individual attention on our acting that wouldn’t normally be possible with large group rehearsals.¨

As opposed to gathering in the crowded PAC at BHS, anyone interested in watching the performance can purchase their tickets online, and will be able to watch virtually. The show will open Friday, February 19th at 7pm and will be followed by two additional performances. On Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 2pm. Just like any other year there will be pre-show music, playbills and a curtain speech done by Mr. Harvey. Each monologue has been pre-recorded and combined into one video by the tech director, Mr. Martinez. Mr. Harvey said that they are ¨not making a movie¨ and ¨virtual theatre is just like theatre in your living room.¨

While the cast and directors were faced with an unusual challenge they remained incredibly optimistic and excited. Jack Hicks commented, ¨Though I wish we could perform in person, I am grateful for the opportunity to create art and perform through some medium. This is a time when the ability to adapt is essential for our life, and our little group of performers has adapted wonderfully.¨ The cast is eager to see the final result of all their hard work and Mr. Harvey wants ¨the students to be proud of their work.¨