Former Trump Adviser Kellyanne Conway Ousted For Alleged Child Abuse


Claudia Conway is a sixteen year old girl and influencer, popular on Tik Tok, Instagram and Twitter, amassing millions of followers. However, she is also well known for her two infamously controversial parents, Kellyanne Conway, a former Senior Counselor during the Trump administration, and George Conway, a well known lawyer.

The teen first went viral for speaking out against her parent’s personal politics when she announced her support for the Black Lives Matter movement in June 2020. She has also made it quite clear she does not support former President Trump, despite her parent’s involvement with him. As her social media accounts continued to grow in popularity, she often publicly bickered and fought with her parents, especially her mother. In August, Claudia expressed her desire to be emancipated, stating, she would be “officially pushing for emancipation.”

Following this announcement, Claudia announced a short hiatus from social media, meanwhile Kellyanne resigned from her position in the White House, citing wanting to focus on her family as the reason behind her decision to leave.. However, this time away proved to only increase issues in the home. was amplified when Kellyanne contracted Covid-19 in early October after attending a “super spreader event”, and Claudia publicly condemned her mother for being irresponsible and putting her entire family at risk. She stated about her mother, “She told me not to post this, but I’m so furious please wear your masks guys.” Just later that month, a video that many considered disturbing in nature captured an argument between the mother and daughter. Kellyanne can be heard cursing and yelling at her daughter, telling her to retract her statements about her related to the Covid-19 scandal the family had just undergone.

Claudia did in fact clarify her statements, though it seemed to not be of her own volition. The months continued on, and just as things seemed to be dwindling down, Claudia shocked the world in January by posting a collection of videos that show her mother verbally harassing and abusing her. At some points in the video you can see her mother just inches from her face, berating her in a threatening manner. The two videos compiling these events have since been deleted from her account, but reposted and shared millions of more times. Claudia stated she has tried to contact Child Protective Services, but to no avail, because her “parents are too powerful” to face consequences. On January 25th, a compromising photo of the minor Claudia was shared via Kellyanne’s twitter story. Although a clear answer was never given, it seems Conway maintains her story that she does not know what happened, and perhaps she was hacked or it was done by accident.

However, most people who have followed this turbulent relationship believe this could not have been an accident. Claudia herself believes the circumstances are more sinister than a simple accident, questioning how and why her mother had that photo in the first place. She stated, “I’m assuming my mom took a picture of it to use against me one day and then somebody hacked her or something. I am literally at a loss for words.” Claudia then posted a video of herself on Tik Tok, explaining how she needs to be offline, that it was her choice, and requested no one contact authorities or send hate to her family.

However, many users were quick to point out that Claudia appeared to be glancing off to the side during the video, and that she had previously stated multiple times that she would never leave social media on her own volition, and that if she did quit, it was because she was made to. Although she was not posting, in her comment section she was dropping hints about her wellbeing. She posted statements in Morris code, tagged an account titled “Justice for Claudia Conway” and changed her bio to reflect the amount of days left until she is 18.

Days later, the YouTuber and influencer Tana Mongeau went on a livestream to show a facetime call with Claudia, where both Claudia and her two parents can be heard interacting with police. However, from what was heard the police seemed to side with the two parent’s, stating they should take her phone from her, despite Claudia’s protests that she pays for it herself.

At the end of the livestream a police officer is seen taking the phone away from Claudia and ending the call. A worrying ending to a concerning story, but as of February 5th, Claudia is active once again on social media, meaning there is still hope she can tell her story, and do so authentically.