How BHS families will be spending this Holiday season


Anna Rekatas, Writer

With the holidays coming up in the midst of a pandemic, the plans of families everywhere are bound to change. A survey was taken throughout BHS, asking 124 students what their plans were, and whether they felt worried about a rise of cases after the holidays. Here’s how it went:

When asked what their plans for the holidays were, 51.6% said they were staying home with the people they were quarantining with, 29% said visiting/having people visit for the holidays, 9.7% said traveling, 8.1% were not sure, and 1.6% said some otherwise. 

When asked whether they would take the 14-day quarantine if traveling, only 50% said yes, while 27.8% said they would not, and 22.2% said maybe. 

When asked how worried they were about the rise of COVID-19 cases after winter break on a scale of 1-5, it seemed that a majority chose a 4. 

Students at BHS also had some things to add. 

Some felt that we should not continue the hybrid schedule after winter break, just to be safe.

“To me, it seems like a no-brainer to stay all virtual. We all saw what happened after Thanksgiving break, so why should winter break be any different?” asked Nicolo Caminiti ‘22. “It is unrealistic to expect close to 1,000 students and staff members to stay home, there will obviously be people who will be irresponsible and endanger everyone else when school goes back to the hybrid schedule.”

Others felt that they would be safe during the winter season because of COVID-19’s similarities to other viruses. 

“Seeing how a lot of the flu and viruses tend to die down in the cold, I would expect COVID to do the same,”added Matthew Rodrigues ‘24. 

Stay safe during the winter break, and have a great holiday season!