Calvert Family


What items are you collecting?
Answer: Gadorade, Powerade, Granola Bars, Power Bars

Where are the food items going to?
Answer: ½ going to Morristown Hospital. ½ went to a similar hospital down the road.

When are you dropping it off?
Answer: 3pm 4/28

What made the family think about the idea of collecting drinks and granola bars?
Answer: A customer mentioned something on the Bernardsville Bubble so I wanted to organize my own donation.

Who was Involved?
Answer: Other than me posting it on Facebook, the main involvement was Bubblers that read it and donated.

How was your family involved?
Answer: Lol, sadly they took the ride only. It was intended to give them a feeling of something fun to do, until the ride when I said nobody leaves the truck or rolls down the window.

What do you think you and your family are getting out of this experience?
Answer: Selfishly? A feeling of satisfaction. These things are always on out radar hoping it continues through them when they are older with families.