Community Feature – Priscilla’s Pantry


During a time when it can be very difficult to go out to the supermarket, Priscilla’s Pantry has done an outstanding job simplifying this task by offering families meal deliveries. Priscilla’s has made a continuous effort to feed the local medical heroes during a time of crisis. These deliveries come from their kindness and supportive efforts during the pandemic.

Being a part of the COVID-19 frontline can be beyond frightening and serious. Priscilla’s dropped off lunch boxes at Morristown Hospital in hopes of bringing joy to the doctors’ and nurses’ faces. After this act of kindness, Priscilla’s Pantry shared their brilliant news on Facebook, one of the world’s popular social media platforms, saying, “We just dropped off lunch boxes at Morristown Hospital and we are looking forward to participating more over the next few weeks. These people had smiles on their faces despite the seemingly permanent indent from masks and protective gear.” Staying out of donation collecting, the people at the Pantry have shown everyone that their intentions are out of pure kindness – and ultimately wanting to help the community. The Pantry looks to make many more organized deliveries to the Morristown Medical Center, in a desire to relax and comfort those working endless hours during this pandemic.

Along with the generous deliveries Priscilla’s has made, they have also delivered grocery orders and posted new menu’s daily so local families have the opportunity to receive food without worrying about potential exposure to the coronavirus. The staff from the Pantry has made daily food deliveries since the beginning of the pandemic, and without worrying about potential exposure to coronavirus. Many find the Pantry’s menus to be clear and accessible, with so many options to choose from everyday. With both breakfast and lunch menus, Priscilla’s has made it their top priority to give everyone different options daily. These people have certainly worked nonstop in order to bring meals to their community, and because of it they have gotten deserving recognition.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Priscilla’s Pantry has proven time and again they can be relied on by our community during an unprecedented time like this. During this pandemic, Priscilla’s Pantry has remained loyal and promising to their customers. Despite this traumatic event, it is truly remarkable that a group of hard workers are selflessly serving others.