Community Helper: Alcide Quintana


“Well, I feel it’s just so important because you can make them feel so happy and excited from just the smallest things and we aren’t in the best of places right now as a community and just a little happiness goes such a long way.”

During this unprecedented event, students have gone out of their way to change others’ lives. Alcide shows endless hard work, kindness, and selflessness. For three years, he has been working at Tons of Toys for eight hours per day. As Alcide’s contribution since the Covid-19 business restrictions, he communicates with customers prior to preparing their orders. After his shifts, he delivers toys to the customers’ houses. There is a group of three individuals who are working alongside him including Bella Cohen, Griffin Beers, and Amon Flores. Once Alcide processes their orders into the computer, he makes his delivery to each house at the end of the day. However, Alcide recognizes that he needs to take a step back from this project on occasion, in order to complete his assignments. Alcide’s advice for the members of our community who want to know how they can help is to “stay home, stay healthy, and be safe”. Throughout Alcide’s experience at Tons of Toys, he grasps the importance of bringing joy to all families. He firmly believes it is the smallest gifts in life that touch hundreds of hearts.