Coronavirus Community Helpers – Laura Aquino

Coronavirus Community Helpers - Laura Aquino

Laura Aquino

“I think in these times of panic, many people forget the value of care and admiration for others. As a community, we need to care for one another and understand that many people need our help.”

She is one of the many students who has given back to this community influentially. Families who live in Bernardsville and other surrounding towns will receive groceries through Laura’s efforts. Occasionally, Laura will pick up prescriptions too. This process is to ensure that everyone remains healthy, and they continue to participate in the quarantine. Usually, it takes approximately two hours or so to shop for the items and drop them off. Laura completes two deliveries per day, and her team consists of two other people, Tori Ackert and another student. A family provides a list of necessities and an envelope of money. While Laura is expected to attend remote learning, she is able to execute both activities. As Laura selflessly shows compassion to others through delivering groceries, she is selflessly leading by example. If anyone is interested in helping families, please show your contribution by joining Laura in her incredible mission.