Second Annual Somerset Hills Got Talent

On Tuesday, February 4, the student council hosted a talent show in the Performing Arts Center (PAC). There were many unique talents at the show including 25 different acts this year and 52 contestants, an increase from last year’s 15 contestants. There were students from Bedwell, BMS, and BHS, with 11 judges representing the three schools who volunteered their time for the show.

There were 4 top acts:
1st Place: The band from Bedwell which consisted of 6 teachers and 5 students who performed an original song called “I Wonder.”
2nd Place: Senior Noah Gagnon from BHS and Sadie Huffman in kindergarten (his little sister) who sang and danced.
3rd place: Kristen Lee from Bernards Middle school in 5th grade sang
4th Place – Olivia Gore from BMS in 6th grade also sang

Second place winner Noah Gagnon said, “Entering the talent show was a great experience, especially for my five-year-old sister. We were amazed by the support of the audience, and it was a moment she won’t forget.”

Mrs. Gray, the adviser for the student council, said, “The talent show was the one activity in the Somerset School District that brings the community together\; faculty and students.”

Some other acts were Rai Bindra, a former winner, entered with a Michael Jackson inspired Bollywood dance. Also, there was a BHS band performance consisting of 4 teachers in the math department.

Mrs. Gray also said, “The talent show helps build confidence in our children. There was tremendous talent from different grades in our school. I’m hoping to make the talent show an annual year thing.”

Kudos to Dr. Dempsey, the superintendent of the district, who volunteered her time to help with the talent show and Mrs.Bindra who got local establishments to donate prizes for the talent show so that every contestant and judge received a prize.