Sneak Peak of the Fall Play

Francesca Morales, Staff Writer

The students of Bernard’s participating in the fall production are very glad to introduce their new upcoming play, One Man Two Guvnors. One Man Two Guvnors is a dialect play,  but it’s not the only dialect play this school has produced within the last two years; this play is following 39 Steps and Midsummer Night’s Jersey, both being dialect. One Man Two Guvnors is a modern English adaptation of the Commedia dell’arte style play, The Servant of Two Masters. Taking place in Brighton England, main character Francis Henshall had just been fired from his skiffle band. He is desperate for a new job, to help financially support his love for food. Francis ends becoming employed by two men at the same time – Roscoe Crabbe, a dangerous gangster from the East End of London, and Stanley Stubbers, an upper class and high prep-school man. But it turns out that “Roscoe” is actually being impersonated by his twin sister Rachel, because Roscoe had been recently murdered by Rachel’s boyfriend –  who just happens to be Stanley Stubbers. “This hilarious adaptation on The Servant of Two Masters is full of playful and silly comedy that will keep an audience constantly entertained. Come see it!” said Junior Maddy Guyet.

The actors and actresses of the play worked really hard during practices, and improved greatly every rehearsal they attended. “The show is going really well at this point all the actors are really starting to embody their characters and the lines are coming down really well. It’s going to be an amazing show!” said Junior Brett Sullivan. The characters of the play have been portrayed perfectly by the actors and actresses. Although, it did take some time to get them to fully succeed the British dialect, they still remained diligent throughout the process. Not only did the actors and actresses show themselves throughout the making but another important aspect of the play is the tech crew, tech was in charge of lighting of the show and the set design, they did a great job creating all the important parts that are needed to really show the audience what the play is about and how to completely and fully illustrate the settings.