Girls soccer continues to move forward

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Girls soccer continues to move forward

Lauren Goral '21, Staff Writer

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The Girls Soccer team has had an incredible season so far with a record of 14-4. Their captain’s, Katelin Brito and Ellie Taylor have been leading the team to success. In their first game against Verona, Ella Bogdan scored the goal to lead the game to a 1-0 win. Their main goalies, Jenna Whelan and Susan Oberschmidt, saved the day with a total of 9 saves. This game was a fantastic way to start off the season.

On September 29, a huge accomplishment for the girls was beating Kearny because it gave the soccer team 40 power points which pushed up their seating in their division. This was a huge success and accomplishment for the them. Their goal was to beat the team and they did as planned. The score was 2-1 with the goals from Laurel McHale and Makenna Davis assisted by Elizabeth Coury and Makenna Davis for the win. Thanks to their goalie, Susan Oberschmidt who saved the day by saving 9 goals.

On September 29th, one of the biggest highlights of the season was the win against Pingry. It has been a goal for the team to beat Pingry. This was one of their toughest games of the season. The girls won 2-1 when the other team shot 16 times on goal but they were all saved by Susan. Eleanor Taylor assisted Katelin’s goal by heading the ball into the goal. Gaining this advantage to move into the quarterfinals, the girls had to face 3rd seeded Watchung Hills where the team lost 1-0.

On October 12, the team had a amazing game with a win of 6-0 against Voorhees. This was a easy win for the team. Makenna Davis scored 3 amazing goals as well as Avery Schuller who scored her first goal of the season, Elizabeth Coury, and Regan Chatwin who each scored 1 goal which was beneficial for the girls.

A spectator said, “I love to watch the girls soccer team when I have the chance to. There is a lot of action and the girls have been doing so well this year. I can tell that they have practiced a lot and have been working hard for the team.” This shows how much the team has been working hard and striving to win these games.

On Senior Night, the team played against Delaware Valley on October 17. Lauren Bogdan and Makenna Davis scored a goal with the assists from Laurel McHale and Eleanor Taylor. The score ended in a 2-0 win for the girls. Freshman Charlotte Steinhorn said “The varsity girls soccer team has been doing amazing this year. They have had many accomplishments and have been working hard since day one. I am very proud of the Varsity team.”

According to, the girls have two more games. One of the games is on October 24 and they will be playing Warren Hills at Warren Hills High School. Be sure to check out their last game which is on the 26th of October where they face off against Somerville. You can check out the team by either finding them at Lower Evankow at BMS or on Olcott Field at BHS.

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