New Media Coming Out This Fall

Lauren Goral, Staff Writer

With the advent of fall, new movies will be coming to the big screen. Whether you’re a horror fan, rom-com fan, or drama fan, there is sure to be something out there for everyone.


The Mountain Between Us is a thriller/drama film that is coming out on October sixth. In this movie, two strangers are stranded on a mountain after a tragic plane crash. They must work together to survive the snow-covered terrain and journey across the wilderness as they survive the cold winter nights and days. Bernards senior, Tiffany Goral said, “I am excited for new movies that are coming out. I am most excited to see The Mountain Between Us because it seems like a good movie to watch”


Flatliners is a great scientific/drama film. This movie follows five medical students who are performing a dangerous experiment where they stop their hearts for a short amount of time. They are curious on what lies beyond the confines of life. They experience near-death and consequences of journeying the other side. This movie will be coming out on September 29.


Another great movie coming out is the Blade Runner 2049 which is a thriller/fantasy film. A new blade runner has an unsound secret who has the potential to cause chaos into society. The discovery leads him to find a former blade runner who has been missing for 30 years.


The Snowman is a crime/mystery film that is coming out on October 20th. A woman has been missing and her son finds her pink scarf wrapped around a snowman’s neck. A detective is called to investigate the work of a serial killer.


Another great movie coming out on October 20th is Geostorm. It is about a series of natural disasters threatening the planet. As a result, world leaders come together in order to create a satellite, with the intent to control the weather and keep everyone safe. However, the system built to protect the planet is now attacking it. Now they must uncover the threat before the geostorm wipes out everything and everyone.  


Are you sick of your boring playlists? Are you ready to add new music? This fall, many hit artists are bringing new songs and albums out.

Miley Cyrus is a pop artist and has a new song coming out called Week Without You. The release date is scheduled for the 29th of September. Last spring, she released a new song called Malibu, hitting top charts. Hopefully this album will bring more hit songs for her.

Migos’ next album, Culture 2, is to be released in October. Migos is a hip hop trio, which formed in 2009. Their most famous songs are “Bad and Boujee” and “Slippery”.

P!nk is also coming out with an album called Beautiful Trama and is planned for release on the 13th of October. It has been a while since she released a album and now it is finally here.

Popular rock band Fall Out Boy is coming out with an album on January 19, 2018. They had a song called “Centuries” which hit top charts. The album is called Mania.

Taylor Swift is also coming out with a long-awaited album called Reputation on November 10.

Gucci Mane’s album called Mr. Davis is coming out on the 13th of October. Freshman, Sami Rudolf said, “I am so excited for any new music to come out! I am getting tired of the music that I have and need some fresh new tunes to listen to.” The album consists of seventeen songs, three of which have already come out.

Demi Lovato is releasing an album called Tell Me You Love Me, which will come out on September 29th.

The rapper NF, also known as Nathan John Feuerstein, is expected to release his new album Perception on October 6th. This album consist of 16 songs. He has only released two albums so far.

Kevin Gates album is coming out on September 22 and is called By Means 2.

There’s a ton of new music coming out by many artists that students at BHS love.