iPhone 8 vs. iPhone X


Francesca Morales, Staff Writer

Apple has recently introduced three brand new iPhones, including the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, which is slightly similar to the iPhone 7. The biggest introduction of all is the iPhone X, a $1,000 phone that’s made of an OLED screen with a display that runs edge to edge. iPhone X comes with no home button, in favor of the newest feature, Face ID, which enables the iPhone to let you onto your phone instead of the traditional home button still used on the iPhone 8.


Some people may ask why would you choose the iPhone 8 over the iPhone X. “I would rather get the 8 because if I wanted an android style phone, I would buy an android, not an iPhone”, says Ben Lane ’19. The iPhone 8 is the very first iPhone to help support wireless charging. This is enabled by the open glass back that you can just simply lay upon the Qi-compatible wireless charger. The Qi-compatible wireless charger is very brilliant at multitasking. It is capable of charging your brand new iPhones, your Apple Watch, and your Air Pods, which are the wireless headphones, all at once. This phone will be a lot more faster than past iPhones– even faster than the iPhone 7, which only came out a couple months ago. Everything nowadays is always about capturing every momentInstagramming, and even tweeting photos of a day out. Now, with the iPhone 8, the camera has a larger and faster sensor than the iPhone 7. You won’t need to worry about finding special cases for your iPhone 8 because the iPhone 7 cases fit perfectly for your iPhone 8! With added new filters and a wider color capture, it is now easier to capture a panoramic photo. The iPhone 8 is much cheaper than the iPhone X itself, coming is at $699 to $849, which is a huge advantage because of the included special features.


The ultimate question asked is if the iPhone X is worth the money. Student Ethan Licata ’19, said that he would choose the “iPhone X because it opens up and shows us how our future technology is expected to be like. The iPhone X introduces things such as the Face ID, the Animojis, and the wireless charging. The design for both iPhones are very unique but I would much rather prefer the iPhone X.” Visually, this new iPhone is Apple’s most impressive device due to the edge to edge OLED screen, according to theVerge.com. The size has not changed but it is slightly smaller than the iPhone 8 and it is comfortable to be held in one hand. Highly spoken about, this is the only iPhone that has been successfully supportive of the Face ID. Along with the Face ID, it activates the Animojis which are moving emojis that mimic your facial expressions. The improved camera allows you to take portrait shots with blurred backgrounds using front faced camera.


The three new iPhones all have similar things in common; they all have wireless charging, they are all made of the same glass design on the behind of the phones, and they are able to capture photos much faster and much better. The most advanced iPhone thus far is definitely the iPhone X, which is changing the course of iPhones since the very first one came out in 2007, revolutionizing how future iPhones will be created. The expectation for future devices will change rapidly and will become more complex now that this device is in the market, according to Apple.com. For more details and images of the new phones, visit apple.com/iphone.