Featured Club: Madrigals

Madison Case, Features Editor

Among the three different choir ensembles offered at Bernards, Madrigals is the highest-level group with sixteen to twenty students in total. Through auditions that are typically held towards the end of the school year, students can showcase their vocal abilities for a spot in the ensemble.


Students who audition for Madrigals want to be challenged on a very high level. The intensity of the class is very high, and the students are held to very high expectations,” says Mr. LaPine, the director of choral music.


The group meets during the school day by having the class integrated into their daily schedule and is a full year course with five credits.


In the classroom, students learn the history and influence of the arts across multiple eras and cultures, examine and analyze musical compositions, and study the creative process. Those who are selected to be in Madrigals also partake in practicing and singing different genres of music, ranging from operatic to broadway to vocal jazz.


Putting on many performances throughout the school year, the Madrigals have a busy schedule. Recently, they performed with Tim Janis and other musical guests at Carnegie Hall in Midtown Manhattan as part of a chorus that was invitation-only.


Because the Madrigals are considered the highest-level choir in the school, there is great responsibility and commitment involved in addition to the great opportunities. “The students in Madrigals have these [musical] experiences at a heightened level. They are expected to learn nearly four times as much music as any of the other ensembles, and they learn almost all of the music on their own,” says Mr. LaPine.


The Bernards Choir, the school’s entry level choir that does not require an audition; along with Concert Choir and Madrigals, both of which require an audition, are great ways to get involved in the school. Through choir, students can create lifelong memories, friendships, and can explore their talent while learning teamwork through studying and performing different forms of music. The experience is meaningful and incredibly important.
If you are interested in being part of one of the choirs or if you are interested in auditioning for the next school year, contact Mr. LaPine for further information at [email protected].