Halloween Costumes of 2016

Madison Case, Features Editor

As Halloween quickly approaches, people of all ages are oftentimes stuck running from store to store in search of the perfect costume. With thousands of different options, shoppers are often met with a plethora of stress.

However, with Google’s featured search tool, Frightgeist; this stress may be averted. With the search tool, teenagers, adults, and children can generate original costume ideas based on location within seconds.

Frightgeist lists trending costumes that are searched for across the nation.The purpose of Frightgeist is to help those who want to avoid being unoriginal this Halloween by displaying a list of the costumes that you are more than likely to encounter this year. “For those who already have a costume in mind, a quick search will show its rank nationally and let you know the likelihood of running into another person dressed like you at a party,” said Alyssa Newcomb of ABC News.

After the highly anticipated release of Suicide Squad this summer, it is not much of a surprise that Harley Quinn and the Joker are crowned Google’s most popular character costumes. Of course, there is still many other options that are bound to suit anyone based on his or her interests.

Recreating a universal favorite character, for example, is foolproof; by bringing back classic film characters or even recent characters that you find intriguing and exciting, you can not only find ways to showcase your originality, but you can also have fun with it by hand-making the costume from various articles of clothing that you can find in your closet.

Natalia Youssef, a sophomore at Bernards, said, “I think Halloween gives people the chance to be creative and express their personality in unique costumes. Halloween brings a lot of different characters to life.”

This year, try something new; if you are spending the holiday with a group, select a theme that interests all of you. Recreating the characters of a television or movie series can be fairly simple and original if each person puts their own twist to it. Going solo can also be exciting, and dressing up as something that is intriguing and interesting to you will make Halloween even more enjoyable. Many use this holiday as a way to express themselves, and everyone should do the same.

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