Featured Club: Student Council

Madison Case, Features Editor

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Participating in Bernards’ student council is a great way to get involved in the Bernards community.

Being apart of the student council opens up many doors to those who are involved. In this club, members will have the chance to connect with other peers, staff members, and parents to make sure the academic year is as enjoyable as possible. The student council often acts as a direct contact between students and the faculty, allowing every voice in the school to heard.

There are many benefits of taking part in student council, such as giving back to the community, working and communicating with different groups of people, and building your college application or resume.

One does not have to be the loudest and most outgoing person in the room in order to succeed in Student Council. Instead, to be a valuable member of the student council, it is necessary to show respect, act responsibly, put in maximum effort, and listen to the opinions of others. Additionally, feeling comfortable in front of a crowd is also something that will come in handy when delivering speeches, an inevitable part of running for a class officer.

“Being leaders of certain groups and societies, students learn to establish goals, delegate responsibility and give directions to their peers on executing tasks successfully,” said an administrator on “Asasud”, a blog about education. 

If the student council is something that you would like to be involved in, contact Ms. Gray or your guidance counselor for further information on how to enroll and participate.