Senior Privilege Information

Ava Cummings, Editor-in-Cheif

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As per Bernards’ tradition, students in the Senior Class will once again be receiving their senior privileges. However, there are several prerequisites to meet before students may receive these freedoms.


What are Senior Privileges?

While Senior Privileges have been a Bernards’ tradition amongst Senior Class members for years, many do not know exactly what they detail. Mainly, Senior Privileges grant two freedoms to senior class members. First, privileges will grant class members the ability to leave campus during their lunch periods. With this freedom, seniors will be able to walk to town and buy lunch from many of Bernardsville best eateries. Additionally, privileges allow seniors to come to school late and leave school early if they have first or ninth period study halls, respectively. Option II PE Study halls are NOT eligible for Senior Privileges.


How does one receive Senior Privileges?

Prior to receiving Senior Privileges, students of the senior class need to meet a few prerequisites.

First, seniors must submit their Senior Profile Information. Senior Profile Information is the text which will be next to each student’s senior portrait in the yearbook, including one’s school participation and a senior quote. To submit this information, students should complete the google form accessible from the “Senior Profile Information” announcement section, available on the Bernardian Yearbook page on the school website. Students must be logged in using their school accounts to access the link. This form may only be completed once, so students are advised to check for the accuracy of their information before submitting.

Second, students must submit a Senior Portrait. If photographed by Normandy Studio, students must specify which picture they would like as their official Senior Portrait to be published in the yearbook by October 7th. If photographed by an outside photographer, a former senior portrait must be submitted electronically to Mrs. O’Brien at [email protected] by October 14th.

Third, seniors must submit a Baby Photo for the yearbook. To do so, students should submit an electronic copy of their baby picture to Mrs. O’Brien to her email, [email protected].

Fourth, seniors must hand in their Senior Privilege forms. These forms are in the possession of Mr. McMahon, and are being given out during lunch periods. The forms are comprised of three papers: an application for senior open campus lunch, an application for early study hall dismissal, and an application for delayed study hall dismissal. Seniors should only complete and hand in those forms which apply to them.


When are Senior Privileges expected to be granted?

Senior Privileges are expected to be granted in early October, but there has been no official guarantee released thus far by the administration.


What can one do to lose Senior Privileges?

Senior Privileges are just that, a privilege. Acting in any manner which calls for disciplinary action can threaten one’s senior privileges. This being said, there are some specific actions which can threaten senior privileges: Jumping or breaking through the fence along Kings Shopping Center, not making the effort to make good grades, and attendance or loss of school credit.