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Is college worth it?

April 21, 2016

College is not worth the time or money

How would you go about your life after graduating high school? Would you rather be employed in a well payed job or continue through college and be in debt after getting your bachelors/masters degree?

When it comes to college, most teenagers ponder about all the parties that occur and skipping class because they’re too tired or don’t feel like going, but does anyone ever talk about their actual classes? Are students going to college to party or to study? Do they choose where they want to go based on how fun the college parties are or on how well the college is academically? Over the years, college tuition has gradually increased making it difficult for an average person to pay for college without acquiring debt; so the question is: is it still worth the cost?  

Degrees don’t pay for every profession. Not every job requires a degree from college, some simply just ask for a high school diploma. For example, to be a loan officer, you only need a high school degree to earn about $67, 960 a year, as well as detectives and criminal investigators who earn $74,300 annually. In many cases, some of those who did not attend college earn more annually than those who did attend college to get a degree. Even after graduating college, many graduates continue in jobs that do not require a college degree; this makes going to college pointless.

To begin with, people are paying an extremely high price to attend college, but after graduating, they’re still paying more. Why? Student loan debt. College students are frequently devastated by their debts after graduating. This often forces graduates to live with their parents so that they can pay it off quicker. Graduates who decide to live with their parents after college can lead to delay in their marriage, financial independence, and other adult milestones. While college graduates do have a better chance of getting a better job than those who do not attend college, college graduates are spending more time paying back all their loans, while high school graduates are already working full time.

College is not always the way to get ahead. Parents should not tell their kids college is the key to success; quite frankly, they’re wrong.  No one should be forced to go to college because anyone can be successful without a college degree. More education does not mean more money, but growing up adults have implanted that in our heads. A better education is a better education just like a degree is just a degree.  With or without a degree anyone can be successful.

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    Going to college leads to a more fruitful life and career

    Many upperclassmen in high school all have one question they ponder frequently when trying to plan ahead for their future; is college worth it? With student loan debt rates higher than ever, it’s definitely an intimidating and close call. Typically, the standard repayment plan for students is usually set over a span of ten years after graduation, but some find it taking longer with the other necessities they need to pay for after they get their degree, including housing, which is not inexpensive. However, studies have proven that having a college education has many lifelong benefits.

    The social aspects of college are an opportunity that should not be missed. Although it may seem hard to leave behind friendships that were made in the hallways that were walked upon for four years, making friends in college is not as difficult as the movies make it seem. There is a high likelihood that there are many students who are just as nervous as the next is for meeting new friends and adapting to the new culture. Many incoming freshmen feel the same and are afraid that they will never make great friendships. By joining in on greek life, clubs, or sports, meeting other students is guaranteed and these options should be taken advantage of. You can meet lifelong friends this way, which you may have thought was impossible at the start of college.

    By attending college, you have a higher chance of living a happier, healthier life than the average high school graduate. Studies show that you are less likely to get in a divorce if you have a college education; the divorce rate is 25%, as compared to 50% for those without a degree. There is a higher chance that college graduates will be more satisfied, happier, and will reach incredible milestones throughout their life.

    Aside from relationships, many jobs require a college degree, and you are less likely to lose your job with one. College graduates have more employment opportunities, a higher income, and are more likely to have health insurance and retirement plans.

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