Apples iPhone 13 & 14: Are the two identical phones?


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A photo of Apple’s new controversial device, the iPhone 14

Ben Costales, Staff Writer

On September 16th, the brand new iPhone 14 was released. When comparing the two phones spec to spec, they are identical phones. Aside a couple minor factors that hardly make a difference to most people, the phones are the exact same in so many ways 

Both phones are the same size without a case. The iPhone 14 has the same body and camera placement as the iPhone 13. Both phones are 5.78 inches tall and 2.82 inches wide. 

In recent models, Apple brought back their older square design to the body of the phone. The iPhone 14 as well as the 13 have the same diagonal rear camera lenses. The battery life from the iPhone 13 to the 14 has not changed significantly whatsoever. The iPhone 14 gets 20 hours of battery life while the iPhone 13 gets 19.5 hours. 

Apple upgraded the iPhone 14 to an A16 bionic with a five-core gpu. The iPhone 13 has an A15 bionic chip with a two-core processor. This upgrade to the processor and GPU doesn’t make a huge difference to people who are just using their phones for simple functions such as  calls, Snapchat, Instagram, listening to music, or taking regular photos. 

The new processor, however, is a lot faster and smoother.  You’ll only notice this difference when you scroll through your phone, or watch videos on it. 

One last key similarity making these phones close to identical is the price point.  Both the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 14 are $799. Because the prices are so similar, this proves that Apple made the same phone from last year, with a different name, color scheme, and commercial.

One main difference to the standard 14 and standard 13 is the rear camera and the front and rear lenses.  The front camera on the iPhone 14 has been upgraded to the new 12mp camera that features autofocus when on facetime or taking selfies.  

Compared to the iPhone 13 with an older version of the 12mp camera, just the minor difference of the auto focus.  Apple borrowed the camera from the iPhone 13 pro and put it onto the stock version of the 14.  

The 13 pros camera has a bigger sensor, larger pixels, and a faster f/1.5 aperture. The fact that Apple has taken roughly the same camera from an older model phone and put it on the new one isn’t enough of a change to consider the 14 as a new phone.  

These new camera features are only useful for people who want to take higher quality pictures during the nighttime or when it is darker out.  The features also make the camera perform better in most conditions.

Some people may argue that the Phone 13 and 14 are different enough because Apple has added some minorly new features to the 14, but these new minor changes Apple has added to the new phone such as the new processor and new colors truly prove that the new iPhone 14 and the older iPhone 13 are essentially identical phones.