2022 Spring Break Travel Differs from past years



COVID changes spring break travels and makes 2022 a better year.

Jane Holmes, Editor-In-Chief

All students look forward to spring break after nine long weeks of uninterrupted instruction time. This year spring break falls between April 11 and April 15.  Many students are finally traveling out of the country this year after the past 2 years of restrictions due to the pandemic. It is a great time to soak up the sun and enjoy some free time. 

When students’ were surveyed about their favorite places to travel the responses included Florida, Mexico, Bahamas, Aruba, Jersey Shore, South Carolina, “Places to ski”, New York, California and “the couch.”  

The CDC recommends that those who are traveling, must “make sure [they] are up to date with [their] COVID-19 vaccines before [they] travel internationally,” but for those who are not vaccinated and wish to travel during spring break the CDC recommends that they “stay home and self-quarantine for a full 5 days after travel.” This will not be required for school since it is a CDC recommendation. Regardless of vaccination status, the Federal law requires everyone to wear a mask at all times while traveling in public transportation and/or in airports. 

Depending where students are going, the COVID protocols differ. When traveling back into the United States by plane, you must show proof of a negative COVID test or documentation of a recent recovery before you board your flight.

Evelyn Noonan, a Freshman at Bernards High school, is traveling to Ireland for her Irish step dancing during spring break. She said, “I can travel to Ireland without getting a Covid test, but when coming back to the United States I will need a negative Covid test.” However, Shelby Rich, a junior, is going to Aruba for a family vacation and she said in order “to travel to Aruba with my family, I need to show proof of two doses of the vaccine and the booster.” 

10.6% of the students surveyed about their spring break plan to travel outside of the United States during the break. 17% of students have not traveled outside of the country since the start og COVID-19. 70.2% of students have been traveling during the midst of COVID, but have stayed within the United States. 

Some students chose not to travel this spring break due to personal reasons, but also many students can not miss their spring sports practices without being penalized. Ellie Thoms, a freshman lacrosse player, says, “I would love to be going away for spring break with my family or friends, but I made an obligation to lacrosse this year and I can’t go on vacation.”