Betty White passes suddenly at 99 years old


Betty White was one of Hollywood’s sweethearts, adored by America for years. She was loved for her work, but also her real and raw personality revealed through interviews and social media. Starting from 1949, Betty White quickly rose to fame, becoming a prominent cultural figurehead.

So when she suddenly died on New Year’s Eve, the world was shocked and extremely saddened. ABC news was told she died peacefully in her sleep. It is believed that a small stroke about six days prior may have led to her death. They also say that she was last in great spirits and had recently said she was excited to live to be one hundred years old.

Jeff Witjas tells sources that “even though Betty White was about to be 100 years old, I thought she would live forever.” Betty White was a Major Idol to pop culture and acting. The world was not ready to part with her. She has been on televisions and shows across the country for as long as many people can recall. A world where Betty White is no longer appearing on the screen is a strange world, especially for her loyal fans that have watched her for her entire career.

Betty White got her name and reputation known for playing Rose Byland in Golden Girls. She was a pioneer of television and was one of the first famous female actors. She helped bring attention to acting for girls and female roles in television. Her other famous roles include Ann Douglus in The Bold and Beautiful, Sue Ann Bicens in The Mary Tyler Show according to

In 2019, when Betty was 97, she voiced Bitey White in Toy Story 4. Her sole interest in the film granted her this role, and further gave the character she was playing the name Bitey White, a play on her name. While she stepped away from being star roles in broadcasted TV to only voicing a minor character in an animated film, Betty found a way to get herself involved in the TV industry at such an old age. Her love of being in the spotlight and being televised never buried out with age and she kept on doing what she loved.

Even with her age, White, had been proactive in broadcasting herself on television. Being broadcasted was her passion and she did not want her age to interrupt the passion. She did commercials of all varieties whether she was sitting down and talking or running around playing football. She helped with the announcement of the one hundredth season of the NFL in 2011 at 89 she was in a snickers commercial twice as well in 2020 she was in a snickers commercial at 98. She was famous for playing in Super Bowl commercials for Snickers.

Many big birthday plans were made to celebrate the monumental achievement of living for 100 years. The celebrations are all still going to happen in memory of Betty White. Her legacy will live on with us and we must make sure we do not forget her achievements. On January 17, celebrations and broadcasts are going to be held to make sure we remember the icon who was Betty White.