Students affirm favorite holiday aspects


At Bernards High School, the seasonal festivities have commenced! The approaching holidays have a unique way of vivifying student life; through a survey of 53 people, BHS students have established their favorite holiday aspects and why they love those parts.

Among building gingerbread houses, decorating, ice skating, preparing for and watching Christmas light shows, and more, students believe the unique events for the winter are the best part of the holiday season. More top-ranked holiday features include seasonal beverages and food, holiday decorations, holiday spirit and apparel, Christmas movies, and Christmas songs. Charlotte Zaun, mentions one of her favorite activities: “cookie baking, which [she] made a tradition with [her] cousins every year.”

Christmas lights, trees, and stockings are students’ top three favorite decorations. Carmen Stanley, a senior at BHS, states that her “favorite Christmas decorations are the Christmas lights since they are the most vibrant and make [her] the most happy.” Sean Cross asserts that his favorite is the Christmas tree “ simply because that’s where all the gifts go under.”
Certain aromas and flavors dominate the season such as peppermint, gingerbread, chocolate, roasted chestnuts, and eggnog. Two of the most popular coffee and beverage companies, Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks, have won Bernards students’ hearts with these flavors. 74.4% of the students prefer Starbucks holiday drinks over Dunkin’s. Favorites include Starbucks’ peppermint mocha, toasted white chocolate mocha and frappuccino, sugar cookie almond milk latte, peppermint hot chocolate, and more! Those that preferred Dunkin advocated that the holiday drinks were more affordable than Starbucks.

The approaching holidays continue to encompass BHS through music and movies.The comedic and spirited Christmas movie, Elf, has its place as BHS students’ favorite seasonal movie. The Polar Express, perhaps one of the most traditional Christmas movies, is students’ second favorite. However, BHS student Ben Lowden argues that “Nightmare Before Christmas is inherently the best Christmas movie of all time,” supported by Amir Rostam who agrees “its style is aesthetically pleasing, as [he] a huge fan of claymation and [loves] the creepy feel.” Nilton Arguello Davalos said, “they are the most classic and iconic movies of all the times… they were streaming in our tvs since their first appearance in the television and movie theaters”. Another wonderful shoutout was Christmas Vacation by Ava Highland “because [her] family has been watching it together for as long as [she] can remember. [She} always watches it at least five times around the holidays and continues to quote it throughout the year!”

Christmas songs are also a large part of the season because “almost everyone knows them so it is fun to sing with people,” as Mia Smbarglio affirms. These songs connect students and spread the winter cheer. There are 9,274 christmas songs, but BHS students particularly love the distinguished song “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” which has 315 versions. Last Christmas and Jingle Bells are also part of BHS students’ top 3.

Although students share favorite holiday aspects, all the winter festivities-from decorating the house, listening and singing to special songs, continuing holiday traditions, watching beloved movies, to holiday baking, and sipping one-time-a-year beverages-make the Bernards hallways merrier.

BHS’s opinion is clear: The holiday season is the best time of year.